3Shape TRIOS+

  1. Log into your 3Shape Communicate account in a web browser.
  2. Got to the “Connections” section and select “Add Connection”.
  3. Search for us by CDA Milling Center or email leanne@cdamillingcenter.com
  4. Press Connect

Dentsply Sirona+

  1. Go to the Connect Case Center
  2. Choose Custom Dental Aesthetics or leanne@cdamillingcenter.com



  1. Call iTero at 800.577.8767
  2. Ask them to load Custom Dental Aesthetics into your scanner (or pick our lab under autumn@customdentalaesthetics.com)

Medit Link+

Other Scans+

Call CDA at 253.565.3248 to determine the best process.

Sirona Primescan+

  1. Go to your Connect Case Center account and sign in.
  2. Search for CDA Milling Center or leanne@cdamillingcenter.com.